Class of 74 Photo Album


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 Pictures from the 25 year reunion.

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A look at the new theatre and gym during our tour of the revitalized High School.   



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Lynn Rosenbaum Ravas finally gets to be "Beaver Achiever". (Escorted by Jeff Fleck and Debbie Brown)


Mike Lusby, Joanne Hall Jelley, and Lois Cummings Schneider visit the new Chemistry lab.  

Mike was still trying to recite the periodic table!!!

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Look at all the great smiles from the women of 74!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


1.  Debbie Klein Norausky, Susan Kreitzer Frey, Debbie Bealor Allen, ???

2.  ???, Lee Haynes Brown, Jackie Sheehan Myers, Janine Boatman Coker

3.  Debbie Bealor, Jackie Sheehan Myers, ??? 


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Totally candid shots from the Dinner?


1.  Ted Cochran, Sue Shoup Cochran and Bill Sumner.  The guys look like the could still play football,

and Sue is as tall as ever!!

2.  LeAnn Ray Hill, Sherri Benner Nelson and Teresa Janning Schnabel.  Is that a cigarette we caught you with, Teresa?

3.  Vickie Bright Test and Sue trading stories about the great husbands each has, no doubt.


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These are part of the "Mike Lusby Collection".  Mike had not been to a reunion yet, so he was making up for lost time.  It was great to see you again, Mike.


1.  Mike, Bev Morton Townsend and Rob Mantia 

2.  Mike, Bev, ???, ??? and ???

3.  ???, Dave Hastell, Mike and Kent (Lazarus) Evans.


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More pictures from the dinner.


1.  Eddie and LeAnn Ray Hill.  Not sure what to make of that startled look on Eddie's face.

2.  Carl Schneider, John Hicks and Craig Ritter check out the grade school photos of various classmates.

3.  Yours truly stepping out with the class of '64 during the impromptu after dinner party at Holiday Inn.  Please no comments in regards to similarities to John Goodman or Fred Flintstone.


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4.  ???, Susan Kreitzer Frey, ???, ???.

5.  Jeff and Lee discuss the historical significance of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." 

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Finally a few miscellaneous photos.

1.  Steve Culham with matching hair and jacket!!!!!

2.  Dave Boos and Lynne Rosenbaum Ravas ride the Class of 74 train during the Homecoming Parade.

3.  Janet Ford - Our first "MIA" classmate who has been found for this reunion.

4.  Doug Deaton bags the BIG one!!!!

5.  Ken Gronewald - Pilot extraordinaire for Alaska Airlines

6.  Ken and wife Carrie at the Grand Canyon.